The White Ship

2 May

“The white ship has sailed and left me here again
Out in the mist, I was so near again
Sailing on the sea of dreams
How far away it seems
Sailing upon the white ship”

The White Ship has always been a tale that stirs the imagination. Part fantastic voyage, part frightening journey into fear and the unknown reaches of the mind, The White Ship is one of Lovecraft’s best stories, in my opinion.

In game terms, an encounter with the White Ship could be an excellent way to bring the player characters into the Lovecraftian Dream Realms or to other exotic and never before seen lands.

The mysterious and beautiful White Ship

The White Whip

As far as game mechanics are concerned, this ship seems normal by most appearances, though made of a wood that is unknown, of purest white. It is beautiful beyond compare and alluring (save vs charm or be drawn to board the White Ship).

The vessel travels normally over water, but can also travel across space, time and planes/dimensions. The White Ship may call upon a the port of the characters world, but once boarded, it does not sail to other mundane places – only those that have never been seen before, except to possibly return the PCs back to the origin of their voyage. The White Ship should not be used as a normal sea craft, but only as a conveyance to mysteries destinations, most being wholly other-worldly.

If the characters depart the vessel, they may possibly be trapped in that realm, unless they can find other means of returning home or if the White Ship returns to that port (3% chance per year).

If you are interested in reading the text of the story The White Ship, please click here

3 Responses to “The White Ship”

  1. ze bulette May 3, 2011 at 2:08 am #

    Congratulations! The spammers have found you!

    In other news, dang, man – that is a seriously retro band.

    • Retro RPG May 3, 2011 at 7:19 am #

      Psychedelic strangeness they are for sure!


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    […] “Celestial Bird” or “Bird of Heaven” in the H.P. Lovecraft tale The White Ship is undoubtedly a […]

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