About Retro RPG


Hi folks!
My name is Jeff. I have been a Gamer since ’77.

This blog is for the purpose of supporting and spreading interest in Retro Roleplaying Games!
Having played many genres and systems of RPGs, I have become convinced that the feel and versatility of the Old School games is unparalleled. I am of the firm belief that not only should long-term players consider a return to their roots and that of The Game, I also encourage the newer player to check them out – you may be pleasantly surprised!

The history of Retro RPGs is deep and the mystery unending.

Some of you may think that the name of this blog is generic, but it isn’t… it has a double meaning:
1) the obvious Retro Gaming reference
2) the non-obvious fact to some that my nickname is “Retro” and has been for over a decade. So, the blog name also refers to my own personal RPG gaming;
hence: “DM Retro”

Desert Saurig

In this blog I will review not only past product, but “new” Retro-Clone games. Anything else related to the SciFi/Fantasy genres that is fun or a good resource, etc. will also be “fair game” here, too.

I hope you enjoy this personal tribute to The Game.
If there is anything we can do to make it more interesting to you or if there is something we are doing that you like, please feel free to comment or email me at: Send an email to Retro RPG now!

Retro is now!

Order of the d30

Hermetic Order of Wizardry

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