Blog Has Moved !

10 Jul

I have reboot and moved my blog.  In all reality it is a new blog, but I will explain that shortly.

The new address is:

The name of my blog is: Aeternal Realm of Sylvaeon


There are several things which prompted this…
1) School has been overwhelming until recently and I had to take a break from blogging to do what I needed for “real life”.
2) I was in the process of looking for a new residence, as I have been dealing with several extremely noisy neighbors that think any hour of the day or night is a fine time to blast music.
3) I discovered all too late after my blog was created that the name was similar to the creator of the Microlite clone’s domain/site name  (sorry).
4) Many gamers seem to be using Blogger for their contributions and switching will make it 1000x easier for me to comment to their blogs (which was failing oftentimes in the past).

I will be reposting a very few, select posts of mine at the Sylvaeon blog eventually. It is really a place for me to develop my campaign ideas and to post about Old School Gaming in general.

Sorry about the switch, but it is better to do it now after my hiatus than later!








Gaming pre-empted by real life

16 May

I will be back to regular posting soon.
I have 2 last classes I had to register for Summer session while finishing up the end of last semester. I don’t like doing school in the Summer, but 2 months and 2 classes of it will finally see me graduating if all goes well! So, I apologize for not posting like I normally do, but I have had a lot of paperwork and financial considerations to attend to.

If real life is anything like The Game, it is this:
Do not give up when obstacles present themselves. Continue doggedly on or find better solutions to overcome the problems you face! Trust in that Tolkien sense of Fate and go with your gut instincts.

It is only a matter of a little more sweat and the blessings of the Administration regarding some transfer classes, now. Going back to university as an older student is easier in some ways and harder in others, but I gotta “level up” educationally!



Flying Platypus of the Future!

9 May

Saving Humanity Just Because!