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Purple Worm Poster

19 Apr


Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (Blue Box)

5 Apr

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (Blue Box)

My brother and I slaying the dragon ๐Ÿ˜‰


This is what caused me to get into the hobby.
When it first came out I had no idea what a war game or RPG was, yet. Just like a random encounter or a wandering monster, I stumbled across this mesmerizing beautyย ย  in the strangest place: the old Woolworth’s store that was in downtown St.Paul, MN.

The cover art by David Sutherland drew me in immediately! I quickly spent 2 months worth of my saved allowance get it, because I had to have this new thing!ย  (I was saddened by his death in 2005 and it was only then that I learned that he had been a Minneapolis native).

The entire experience of opening this box up and finding the treasures inside was an adventure in itself. I pored over the rules and finally shanghaied my little brother to play. He and I both enjoyed D&D and continued to game together in various home brew Holmes campaigns over the years.

I lost my original set in a move ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Thankfully, I was able to score a replacement set later, but by that time, AD&D was out and my group had already migrated to it.

As I stated in an earlier post, I found it funny that our earliest characters slew a Red Dragon (at 2nd level! lol) There has to be a dragon in the dungeon, because it’s Dungeons & Dragons, ya know? I probably didn’t know exactly what I was doing then, but Dungeons & Dragons and RPGs in general have been my lifelong hobby ever since those wonderful, whacky days ๐Ÿ™‚

The Old School Renaissance has done much to bring back the experience of OD&D, Basic and AD&D to the table again. Whatever flavor you play, Old School or Modern, I wish you happy gaming.

Let the dice roll as they may, forever!


C is for Carrion Crawler

4 Apr

C is for Carrion Crawler

Carrion Crawlers are large (3′ to 4′ long) pale yellow and greenish creatures similar in appearance to a centipede. Crawlers possess eight long tentacles protruding from the sides of their heads, allowing them to stun prey. Carrion Crawlers scavenge the dead and occasionally prey on living creatures.

The OD&D Greyhawk supplement Carrion Crawler reminds me more of Sponge Bob than a threatening monster, but it got nastier in appearance as it got older.

Hi! ๐Ÿ™‚

I kind of like the “cute” Carrion Crawler best. It seems more devious to me as a GM to have this happy looking guy munching on PCs rather than the predictably ravenous looking later versions.

This critter is one of the most infamous of D&D foes. A good dungeon adventure, old grave yard or other suitable place where they would live make great places to encounter Carrion Crawlers. Having hundreds of newly hatched ones swarm PCs (say, in a pit trap or hallway) is one way to keep this creature formidable, even to higher level characters.


30 Odd Random Inns, Taverns and Sundry Establishments

31 Mar

30 Odd Random Inns, Taverns and Sundry Establishments

(roll a d30 for the name of an establishment. May be used for urban settings, towns or wayside stops, etc. as the Gamemaster wishes.)

01 โ€“ Center of the Multiverse
02 โ€“ Drunken Paladin
03 โ€“ Last Place to Be Inn
04 โ€“ Laughing Lich
05 โ€“ Inn of the Bastard Princes
06 – Basiliskโ€™s Gaze
07 โ€“ Gallant Goblin
08 โ€“ Axes & Ale
09 โ€“ Sunken Ship
10 โ€“ The Gregarious Hermit
11 โ€“ Sword Sisters
12 โ€“ Three-Legged Unicorn
13 โ€“ Last One Standing
14 โ€“ Delverโ€™s Repose
15 โ€“ Golden Skull Inn
16 โ€“ Fey Spirits
17 โ€“ Angry Toad Tavern
18 โ€“ Prismatic Tankard
19 โ€“ Iron Gut Grog & Grub
20 โ€“ Legion of the Unlucky
21 โ€“ Cutthroat Gentlemanโ€™s Club
22 โ€“ The Silent Banshee
23 โ€“ Minstrels Not Allowed Inn
24 โ€“ The Tavern Time Forgot
25 โ€“ Dwarven Comedy Club
26 โ€“ The Underground
27 โ€“ Two Sheets to the Wind
28 โ€“ Trollโ€™s Trove Tavern
29 โ€“ Inn of the Moon Beast
30 โ€“ Dead Sagesโ€™ Society



30 Odd Animal Types

27 Mar


Jeff Rients & Sir Larkin’s Order of the d30 idea is both humorous and useful!
It makes me keep thinking of tables that a d30 would come in handy for. So, here is another one I have made. May this table inspire some interesting animal-based Roleplaying experiences ๐Ÿ˜‰


30 Odd Animal Types
(for Random Encounters, Wizard Familiars, Druid Companions, NPCs or People That Like Critters

01 – Raven / Crow
02 – Hawk / Falcon
03 – Owl (Standard/Giant)
04 – Lizard / Snake
05 – Horse / Pegasus / Unicorn
06 – Wolf / Coyote / Fox
07 – Bear (Black/Brown/Grizzly)
08 – Dog (Domestic/Wild)
09 – Parrot / Peacock / other exotic bird
10 – Monkey / Ape
11 – Lion / Tiger
12 – Cougar / Leopard / Cheetah
13 – Weasel / Ferret / Mink
14 – Mole / Shrew
15 – Bat (Standard/Vampire)
16 – Fairy Dragon
17 – Crab (Small/Giant)
18 – Boar (Standard/Mount)
19 – Spider (Small/Giant)
20 – Rat / Mouse / Squirrel
21 – Jackal / Hyena
22 – Toad / Frog / Salamander
23 – Cat (domestic) / Bobcat / Lynx
24 – Deer / Moose / Reindeer
25 – Sloth (Standard/Giant)
26 – Badger (Standard/Giant)
27 – Armadillo (Standard/Giant)
28 – Hare / Rabbit
29 – Skunk / Porcupine
30 – Possum / Raccoon

(Roll a d30. GM can choose from the alternate types of the result, if any. Using the d30 as an Odd-Even or Jumbo d3 is also possible.)

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