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Poster #6

22 Mar


… These are just so fun to make 😉


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21 Mar

Old School Tough!

19 Mar

Poster #4

17 Mar

… a TPK (Total Party Kill) in the making  🙂

cthulhu cheats

15 Mar

cthulhu cheats <— Check this out!

The Order of the d30 gone wrong 😉
This is what happens when Elder gods ‘n’ such get involved!

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn !!!

30 Odd Random City Encounters

14 Mar

Weird encounter chart I made for The Order of the d30:

30 Odd Random City Encounters
(roll d30 for random encounter)

01 – An unsavory-looking person approaches a PC to return a pouch/item that they have dropped. If offered a reward, they decline.

02 – A man hands the PCs a broadsheet whose headline reads: “Good News! Evil Declining in the Realm”

03 – While passing by a seedy part of town, the PCs see people nailing planks to buildings or painting them. Nearby is a sign that says: “Urban Renewal Project”.

04 – There is a disturbance in the streets and people are milling about loudly.  If the PCs ask what the problem is, someone happily tells them that they just got word that the local lord has announced a cut in taxes.

05 – The PCs see an old man sitting at the side of the street mumbling to himself. He has a tin cup with a few copper pieces in it and a sign that reads: Take One If You Need One”.

06 – A man hands the PCs a broadsheet whose headline reads: “Good News! Peace Treaty and Trade Agreement With Neighboring Kingdom Signed”

07 – While walking through town a group of filthy urchins surround the PCs, tugging at them. They ask if the PCs could retrieve a ball which has gotten stuck on the roof of a small shop across the way.

08 – An very large Orc is pushing a cart with several small dogs in it while shouting “Free puppies!”.

09 – A group of 3d6 bald, orange-robed cultists, chanting and dancing, come near. They hand each party member a flower and continue on.

10 – The party sees a tavern called “The Pink Dragon”.

11 – A black-cloaked figure approaches the party, introducing themselves as “The Dark Assassin”. They ask the PCs where the magistrate is so they can turn themselves in.

12 – A Dwarven vendor pushes around a cart with a large barrel and small wooden bowls in it, ringing a bell while yelling “Iced Cream! One Copper!”

13 – A man hands the PCs a broadsheet whose headline reads: “Good News! Local Monster Retires to Warmer Clime”

14 – A group of people are picking up liter from the streets. One carries a sign that says “Druids For A Clean City”.

15 – In a square, a very large tent is being set up. Nearby is a sign that reads “Battle of the Minstrels Tonight!”

16 – A shabbily-dressed man quickly approaches the party, seemingly from nowhere. They speedily wash the armor/scabbard or shield of a party member and put out their hand as if expecting payment.

17 – A man hands the PCs a broadsheet whose headline reads: “Good News! Dragon Disaster Averted”

18 – The party see a sign which reads: “Meeting of the Secret Order of Necromancers Midnight Tonight”.

19 – A Hobbit stands at the side of the road with a vending cart full of multi-colored candies on a stick selling for 1 copper each. A sign on the cart reads: “All proceeds go to support the Lollipop Guild”.

20 – The PCs see a Goblin dressed as a clown, juggling and entertaining a group of young children.

21 – A man hands the PCs a broadsheet whose headline reads: “Good News! Local Pirates Turn to Fishing Instead”

22 – The party sees a tavern with a wooden sign that has a cattle head with a halo. The sign reads: ” Holy Cow”. (If the PCs investigate, they find out it serves only vegetarian meals)

23 – 3d6 meowing kittens begin following the PCs

24 – A group of 3d6 peasants approach one of the PCs and start yelling “Hail to the King (or Queen) and begin to bow to and faun upon the PC.

25 – Some interesting type of music that the PCs have never heard before is coming from inside of a cafe. If the PCs investigate they find that it sells bottled flavored water, flavored coffee, small snacks and pastries. The sign above the cafe reads: “The Jazz Gnome”.

26 – An Elf slips a fish into one of the party members pockets/robe.

27 – There is a taxidermy shop called “The Rainbow Rat” that specializes in stuffed rats dyed all colors.

28 – 2d6 local guards come by with a cart full of weapons with a sign on it that reads: “Swords for Cash Program”.

29 – A Troll is vending “Horse-on-a-Stick” snacks from a booth.

30 – Party sees a magic shop named “Crystal Balls”.

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“Because the Gaming Community Matters!” – DM Retro

(yeah, I know they are weird, but it is an odd reversal of the type of classic city encounter charts from the past)

(“DM Retro”)

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Poster #3

14 Mar