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The Corpus Hermeticum

17 Apr

[Hermes:] Concerning Soul and Body, son, we now must speak; in what way Soul is deathless, and whence comes the activity in composing and dissolving Body.

For there’s no death for aught of things that are; the thought this word conveys, is either void of fact, or simply by the knocking off a syllable what is called “death”, doth stand for “deathless”.

For death is of destruction, and nothing in the Cosmos is destroyed. For if Cosmos is second God, a life or living creature that cannot die, it cannot be that any part of this immortal life should die. All things in Cosmos are parts of Cosmos, and most of all is man, the rational animal.

– from The Corpus Hermeticum

The Corpus Hermeticum is the body of work most widely known of the ancient Hermetic texts. It is one of three major bodies of works that are considered essential to the study of Hermeticism and Hermetic Magic. These books are set up as dialogues between Hermes Trismegistus and a series of others. The first book involves a discussion between Nous (God) and Hermes, supposedly resulting from a meditative state, and is the first time that Hermes is in contact with God. The secrets of the Universe are unfolded to Hermes, and later books are generally of Hermes teaching others.

The Hermetic Order of Wizardry instructs Initiates from the teachings of the Corpus Hermeticum during their ten year apprenticeship.


A Friendly Eye

10 Apr

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (Blue Box)

5 Apr

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (Blue Box)

My brother and I slaying the dragon 😉


This is what caused me to get into the hobby.
When it first came out I had no idea what a war game or RPG was, yet. Just like a random encounter or a wandering monster, I stumbled across this mesmerizing beauty   in the strangest place: the old Woolworth’s store that was in downtown St.Paul, MN.

The cover art by David Sutherland drew me in immediately! I quickly spent 2 months worth of my saved allowance get it, because I had to have this new thing!  (I was saddened by his death in 2005 and it was only then that I learned that he had been a Minneapolis native).

The entire experience of opening this box up and finding the treasures inside was an adventure in itself. I pored over the rules and finally shanghaied my little brother to play. He and I both enjoyed D&D and continued to game together in various home brew Holmes campaigns over the years.

I lost my original set in a move 😦
Thankfully, I was able to score a replacement set later, but by that time, AD&D was out and my group had already migrated to it.

As I stated in an earlier post, I found it funny that our earliest characters slew a Red Dragon (at 2nd level! lol) There has to be a dragon in the dungeon, because it’s Dungeons & Dragons, ya know? I probably didn’t know exactly what I was doing then, but Dungeons & Dragons and RPGs in general have been my lifelong hobby ever since those wonderful, whacky days 🙂

The Old School Renaissance has done much to bring back the experience of OD&D, Basic and AD&D to the table again. Whatever flavor you play, Old School or Modern, I wish you happy gaming.

Let the dice roll as they may, forever!


The Music of Erich Zann: Example of an Enchanter (?)

23 Mar

The Magic-User Sub-Class : Enchanter over at Dyson’s  A character for every game blog reminded me of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Music of Erich Zann.
Perhaps this class (or even a Bard) could be incorporated into a campaign with a Lovecraftian touch by certain character types.

The Enchanter Spells in the post after the Enchanter made me think it was not a bad idea at all!
I do not know if this spell does the Enchanter sub-class justice, but I present it here with appreciation to Dyson … and of course, H.P. Lovecraft   🙂

Hypnotic Music

Level: Enchanter 4
Duration: If hearer fails save vs charm as long as the Enchanter plays (see below)
Range: 120′

Those within the range of the Enchanter’s music must save vs Charm or become mesmerized, unable to move, speak or take any action. The music evokes one singular, basic emotion in those that hear the music, such as fear, sorrow, joy, etc.

The Enchanter must state the number of turns they wish to play for, up to their Constitution rating in duration. The Enchanter is effectively mesmerized themselves as they play, because they are attempting to play an entire piece, whether composed or extemporaneous.

If the Enchanter is prevented from playing the Hypnotic Music, or the listeners are prevented from hearing the music, or when the piece is over, the Hypnotic effect discontinues. Note: Other noises are blocked from the hearing of mesmerized listeners for the duration of the Hypnotic Music spell.

(Hypnotic Music can be combined with a secondary Enchanter spell, such as Dream to cause waking vision of the caster’s choosing if the LL/GM allows.)


“DM Retro”

Poster #2

12 Mar