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X Marks The Spot!

28 Apr

The chest is already open on that map...someone must have gotten there beforehand!

An “X” on a map means that something secret, probably treasure, is hidden there! Almost every very kid learned from Treasure Island by¬†Robert Louis Stevenson, “X marks the spot!. Tales of pirate’s loot (can we still say booty these days?) that is still buried all over the world has drawn people to search for that elusive “X” on the map. Sometimes they uncover riches, sometimes they make some discoveries, but nothing world-turning.

Hoist high the Jeffy Roger!

This A-Z Blogging Challenge has been like searching for the “X” for me.

Counting this one, there are just 3 letters left in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I think that this loosely structured month of daily posts has not always been easy, but I was able to use some of the posts to help flesh out aspects of my campaign world that I am working on. That alone has made participating in the Challenge well worth it. As I said in an earlier post, the next challenge is for me to determine where I would like to go with this blog in the future. I have some ideas of new features or projects. Also, some of the things I have been doing could be done more effectively.

It is also 3 weeks left for me until the semester is finished. During that time I might cut back from daily posts, but I will not be disappearing. The treasure is only mere weeks away, so I must put in extra effort to reach the elusive “X”. Afterward, I can count the booty… err, loot!

It has been a fun time during the A-Z Challenge. I know that other harbors and adventures lie beyond the horizon, so there I will set sail for!
Thanks to the creators of the A-Z Blogging Challenge and those that participated and to those that commented on my posts. It has been a learning experience.