Enter the Nexus!

16 Apr

Some last thoughts on The Multiverse & The Nexus

In the previous posts on the Multiverse and the Nexus, the possibilities of how these could be used in a campaign. Whenever a Nexus is involved in my game, there is either some reason for the focus on one or it is just an opportunity to spice up things with a change of pace. If it is too easy to walk around the planes and other dimensions, then they become old hat, so a GM should avoid Nexus travel being a common thing. Even a stable Nexus portal that is keyed specifically between two points of the Multiverse should have potential dangers.

When accessing a Nexus, unless the GM does not currently wish for ir to occur, there should always be a chance for malfunction and ending up in in another world or perhaps nowhere at at all. Some Nexus’ may phase in and out of existence in the player’s world, while others may require magical or technological opening… hopefully to a place where those Sleestak aren’t!

Examples of the Nexus in Science Fiction:
In Traveller, a mis-jump could be used as a Nexus to a parallel Universe or worse! In Planet of the Apes a mis-jump took the astronauts thousands of years into the future, but not to their target destination. The TARDIS of Doctor Who is a portable, technological time-space Nexus – which tends to malfunction a lot. There are several new Sci-Fi Retro Clone games that have or are coming out where a space-time anomaly could be a method to introduce new elements into the game. A new alien species might appear, as the tear in the fabric of the Universe allows them in.  The starfarers might end up hopping inside their own Universe because of a warp accident and end up in uncharted space.

These are just a few of the possibilities, some of which I have used in my games. How do you, as a GM, use the concepts of the Multiverse and Nexus portals in your game world?


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