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11 Apr


Indebted to the OSR

11 Apr

I wanted to take this A-Z Blogging Challenge moment to pause a bit and express my deep gratitude to the Old School Renaissance community at large – and my indebtedness.

The beauty of The Game is that it does not have to take a fixed form, that there is room for multiple Retro Clones, everyone has an idea or a map or an encouraging comment to share – these are the things that make the OSR so wonderful to me.

The sense of community is really heartening, despite any scrapes that come along the way. We are all going to disagree about things we feel passionately about at times and that is OK. It is precisely this passion that fuels the OSR. We are paying homage to those greats that founded what we have enjoyed in the past and are making it our own in the present. The future of the OSR looks bright, even if it only remains a niche aspect of gaming. I say this because of the creativity and enthusiasm I see all around me as I read the posts of those on my Blogroll (and yes, I do try to read everyone’s new posts on that list within a day of them being posted!) and others that I run across on the Net. Blogging and reading blogs & forums between games has sparked the original sense of everything being new that I had when I first discovered Dungeons & Dragons. Even just doing this alone has made me thankful for the OSR community.

The OSR has also caused me to restart a gaming group, something that I dd only sporadically in the past 5 years because life got in the way, but which I wanted to do all along. Encountering the OSR community gave me the impetus to start gaming in earnest again and to finally start this blog. I know I am just finding my voice here, but I still feel like I am part of the community and am glad to learn from others. I am also glad to just share my love for Dungeons & Dragons and all of the other fun roleplaying games that I have enjoyed in the past and will enjoy in the future.

I am indebted to all of those that share and create what is the OSR. You know who you are, because you are actively sharing your creativity and love for The Game. I wish to keep discovering those people and hope to be a part of what you are doing. I thank you all for the gift of wonder again!



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