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6 Apr


Elemental Wine

6 Apr

Elemental Wine

These rare and extremely expensive vintages come from only one dealer in the known lands – The Hermetic Order of Wizardry. The cloistered, ascetic sorcerers, in long ages past, perfected certain breeds of magically grown grapes. The fermented juice of the grapes, when mixed alchemically, produces the various Elemental wines. Only the Order knows the secret of their making and no one is foolish enough to attempt to discover it for themselves or they have died trying!

The most common of these are the four classic types: Earth Wine, Air Wine, Fire Wine and Water Wine (but other, even rarer types are rumored to exist). The aroma, flavor and potency of these wines are legendary as they are difficult to obtain. A 1.5 Liter magnum of any type sells at a base price of 5000 gold  directly from The Order only by special license – higher as you get farther away from the land of its origin, through various traffickers.

One 12 ounce (360 mL) glass of any variety of Elemental Wine will intoxicate all but the most constitutional creatures, bringing with it minor magical side-effects to all but the most magic resistant. The effects of a glass of wine lasts one hour.


Earth Wine is an ochre colored wine. It has a distinctly musky smell and a mellow medium flavor.  The imbibing creature gains a slight, temporary toughness and all impact damage to them is reduced by a factor of 1 HP per level/HD. The drinker has a 03% chance of becoming immovable by the physical force of anyone/thing, including themselves, for the duration.

Air Wine is a white wine, having a fresh, ozone odor and a fresh, fruity flavor. Those that imbibe Earth Wine can breathe normally in any atmospheric environment that would normally not be breathable. The drinker feels very light headed and their body feels as if it were floating slightly above the ground (02% chance of this actually happening, during which time they can walk “normally” above almost any surface – or none at all!).

Fire Wine is a rich red wine that gives a warm sensation to the palette, with a full bodied flavor. Those imbibing the wine are temporarily resistant to normal flame (items are not affected, the person only). However there is a 02% chance the partaker will  burst into 1d6 damage flames with a 1 foot radius (which may incinerate their items or nearby ones, depending upon their save) for the duration.

Water Wine is a clear sparkling, light bodied wine that is cool to the palette. It has a slightly sweet taste with no after taste. Those drinking Water Wine can withstand any water pressure from flood or depths and can breathe and walk underwater normally. There is a 02% chance that the person’s body becomes liquid, gas or solid water form  for the duration, depending upon the surrounding temperature, but are otherwise able to move and act freely as usual.