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All Hail!

2 Apr

(viewable on YT only, sorry)

and though the legend was pure fantasy, we still need the hope it brings… so, let’s sing!!!



Poster #10

2 Apr

B is for Balok

2 Apr

B is for Balok

Balok is the tranya-swilling representative of the First Federation in the Original Star Trek episode “The Corbomite Maneuver”.

The image of Balok used to threaten the crew of the Enterprise, after they blow up a space marker buoy, is a creepy puppet. It sometimes popped up in the end credits of following Star Trek episodes, which was kind of cool!

Freaky Balok threatening to get mean

The “real” Balok is played by the brother of Ron Howard, Clint Howard.

Ahaha! Tranya!

The whole episode is really some insane ethics challenge to see just how humane the crew of the Enterprise is, which makes me think that perhaps it would have been better if the Klingons had gotten there first!

I don’t know which one tripped me out more, but the laughing boozer of a kid is certainly as weird as the puppet! I intend to let Balok speak from time to time on this blog… but only if I have had too much tranya!