Retro’s Retro Tunes & Robots

28 Mar

I am a big Electronica fan. Here is an oldie from Kraftwerk for your Retro enjoyment.

The only RPG danger to this tune is if your security ‘Droids start rebelling against you while you are in Jump Space during a Traveller session 😉

I had a Scout character that eventually had enough credits to get some robots for his ship.
 These were created according to the system in an article that is found in Dragon magazine #64. They never made me feel more secure as a player or character, because I figured 
the Referee would have them go whacky on me or something (which never happened). They did chase off a Revenue Agent once, so they paid for themselves 😀

The Scout had a great career as a Deep Space Explorer and got into lots of trouble 
with the Imperium and with a few new alien races he discovered. Somehow, the Scout always managed to get out of trouble (if even just barely!). 
His high jinx ways probably cost him more Credits than they were worth, what with all
 of the crashed ships, fines and lost cargo, etc., but he was fun to play… and that is what 
Retro is all about!

Check out How To Survive a Robot Uprising if you need tips and dealing with unruly machines that want mechanical rights.

Click image for book info



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