NPC: Cap’n Spivey

13 Mar

One of the small contributions I have made to the Gaming Community:
I submitted this to the Stuffer Shack “Steal This NPC” Contest last year.

Captain Spirodos “Spivey” Swiftknife is currently the captain of the HMS Nightingale, a merchant marine vessel.

Many rumors surround this man. And the truth may top them all! He was once a captain in the Imperial Navy and took part in the battles against the Sea Kingdoms. He was also tried for, convicted, and exonerated of piracy and other crimes on the high seas (including firing upon the Imperial flagship and allegedly burning it to the waterline).

Officially, he is a war hero … in the minds of some, he is a seafaring opportunist.

His name of Swiftknife is fitting, as he is a quick bladesman, preferring a cutlass or dagger.

He is known for his uncanny luck in getting his ship through many of the worst battles and storms -usually while completely sodden full of rum as he bellows orders to his crew!

Whatever the truth is, he is an able seaman and skilled at getting out of almost any situation on the ocean, no matter how desperate it is. Storms and ships and commanders at sea have been bested by the cunning, resourceful and nefarious Cap’n Spivey!

released as OGL (OPEN GAME LICENSE Version 1.0a) content
“Because the Gaming Community Matters!” – DM Retro

When I submitted this NPC, I took a “game neutral” approach and did not give any stats, etc. This is the old philosophy of minimal description and let the Gamemaster give the NPC any stats or specifics they see appropriate to use as a Non-Player Character in their campaign.

The GM may want him to be counted as a Thief/Rouge with Navigation & Seamanship skills.
Good Weaponry Proficiency choices could be: either Longsword, Cutlass or Rapier & Dagger.

I think the Old School approach worked because this was what Stuffer Shack said:
Honorable Mention: Cap’n Spivey“Though my initial impressions were of a NPC that’s too narrow in application (how many sea / wharf / dockside games would I run?), I was won over by the color and depth of this pirate and hero and ne’er-do-well.  I can imagine him in all sorts of settings, not just standing on a boat shouting orders.” – Dixon Trimline

The imagination of the Gamemaster is more important in Old School gaming than having everything spoon fed to you; I am convinced of that.
Perhaps I will add more NPCs at Stuffer Shack and share them here. It is just plain fun… and that is what the Old School Gaming Renaissance is all about!

What NPCs are your favorites that you have encountered as a player or run as a Gamemaster? Please leave a comment below and tell us! 🙂


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