and now… The Tale of the Dice

11 Mar

and now… The Tale of the Dice

Here is a little tale of how my character’s and my own personality blur whenever something “live” happens about Role Playing games. I have told other tales elsewhere on the Net better than this one, but I will relate it, because it is recent…

Today, I went back to my FNGS (Friendly Neighbourhood Game Shop) seeking to purchase the six-sided dice to go with that nifty Speckled Fire set in my last post.

:: Jeff enters hobby store ::
*grabs dice pack and browses the shelves after some small talk*

Jeff: “Excuse me, I am going to pick up the dice to go with that set I bought the other day, but I see you have two used copies of the old Forgotten Realms Campaign Book. They are marked at 25% percent off original price (note: $40). I would be willing to take one of them off of your hands for $20.”

Proprietor: “Twenty dollars?”

Jeff (now into character mode fully): “Yes, if you would give it to me for that I will take it. I don’t normally dicker about prices, but seeing that it is used (note: still in brand new condition, though) and you have two, I was wondering if that would be acceptable?”

Proprietor: “OK, I guess I can do that.”

Jeff: “Excellent! Thank you!”

*go to counter and as proprietor is ringing up sale at discount, I mention that “X” RPG is sold out before release to all pre-order customers and distributors only and mention I am glad I pre-ordered my copy*

Proprietor: “Oh, thanks. I better call my distrubutor and make sure my copies are set aside!”

*sale ends and shop owner calls distributor and is relieved that his copies are set aside and that the news is a small print run will be made before the official second one to boost copies*

Jeff: “Glad they have your copies. Thanks for the sale. I should come in here every day!”
:: Rogue leaves hobby store. Experience points earned: 1000, Negotiation Skill raised by +1 , exit with perfectly usable “old” book and FREE dice ::

*walks away smiling and leaves quickly, with a flourish of his cape*   😀

Actually, the store owner is a great guy and very nice, but it sure felt like I was in an urban campaign setting as my Rogue. LOL
I really like that hobby store. They do business the way it used to be! 🙂



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