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30 Odd Random Inns, Taverns and Sundry Establishments

31 Mar

30 Odd Random Inns, Taverns and Sundry Establishments

(roll a d30 for the name of an establishment. May be used for urban settings, towns or wayside stops, etc. as the Gamemaster wishes.)

01 – Center of the Multiverse
02 – Drunken Paladin
03 – Last Place to Be Inn
04 – Laughing Lich
05 – Inn of the Bastard Princes
06 – Basilisk’s Gaze
07 – Gallant Goblin
08 – Axes & Ale
09 – Sunken Ship
10 – The Gregarious Hermit
11 – Sword Sisters
12 – Three-Legged Unicorn
13 – Last One Standing
14 – Delver’s Repose
15 – Golden Skull Inn
16 – Fey Spirits
17 – Angry Toad Tavern
18 – Prismatic Tankard
19 – Iron Gut Grog & Grub
20 – Legion of the Unlucky
21 – Cutthroat Gentleman’s Club
22 – The Silent Banshee
23 – Minstrels Not Allowed Inn
24 – The Tavern Time Forgot
25 – Dwarven Comedy Club
26 – The Underground
27 – Two Sheets to the Wind
28 – Troll’s Trove Tavern
29 – Inn of the Moon Beast
30 – Dead Sages’ Society




Poster #9

29 Mar

Critical Hit! … New Dice

29 Mar

Chessex "Air" d20

I scored some new sets of dice from my FLGS  🙂
Above is a pic of a d20 from one called “Air” that caught my eye.

I really don’t “need” more dice, but I am a sucker especially for speckled dice sets. My dice pouch is one I have had since I was 16.  It is a handmade one, lined inside, with an exterior of old-style military camouflage fabric. I still have it and some older sets of dice from back then.

Sometimes it is fun to have colors that fit the mood & class of the character or campaign you are playing at the time. Over the years,  I have given away uncountable number of polyhedral dice sets to new and returning players. It gives me an excuse to get more 😉  In all reality, any reason to get cool new dice is too tempting for me. Thankfully, I limit my dice purchases to sprees of getting new ones every few years.

Here are a couple of other sets that scored a Critical Hit with me:

Chessex "Fire"

Chessex "Lotus"

Now I just need to get back to my campaign planning, so I will have a reason to use these beauties this Summer!!!


Retro’s Retro Tunes & Robots

28 Mar

I am a big Electronica fan. Here is an oldie from Kraftwerk for your Retro enjoyment.

The only RPG danger to this tune is if your security ‘Droids start rebelling against you while you are in Jump Space during a Traveller session 😉

I had a Scout character that eventually had enough credits to get some robots for his ship.
 These were created according to the system in an article that is found in Dragon magazine #64. They never made me feel more secure as a player or character, because I figured 
the Referee would have them go whacky on me or something (which never happened). They did chase off a Revenue Agent once, so they paid for themselves 😀

The Scout had a great career as a Deep Space Explorer and got into lots of trouble 
with the Imperium and with a few new alien races he discovered. Somehow, the Scout always managed to get out of trouble (if even just barely!). 
His high jinx ways probably cost him more Credits than they were worth, what with all
 of the crashed ships, fines and lost cargo, etc., but he was fun to play… and that is what 
Retro is all about!

Check out How To Survive a Robot Uprising if you need tips and dealing with unruly machines that want mechanical rights.

Click image for book info


30 Odd Animal Types

27 Mar


Jeff Rients & Sir Larkin’s Order of the d30 idea is both humorous and useful!
It makes me keep thinking of tables that a d30 would come in handy for. So, here is another one I have made. May this table inspire some interesting animal-based Roleplaying experiences 😉


30 Odd Animal Types
(for Random Encounters, Wizard Familiars, Druid Companions, NPCs or People That Like Critters

01 – Raven / Crow
02 – Hawk / Falcon
03 – Owl (Standard/Giant)
04 – Lizard / Snake
05 – Horse / Pegasus / Unicorn
06 – Wolf / Coyote / Fox
07 – Bear (Black/Brown/Grizzly)
08 – Dog (Domestic/Wild)
09 – Parrot / Peacock / other exotic bird
10 – Monkey / Ape
11 – Lion / Tiger
12 – Cougar / Leopard / Cheetah
13 – Weasel / Ferret / Mink
14 – Mole / Shrew
15 – Bat (Standard/Vampire)
16 – Fairy Dragon
17 – Crab (Small/Giant)
18 – Boar (Standard/Mount)
19 – Spider (Small/Giant)
20 – Rat / Mouse / Squirrel
21 – Jackal / Hyena
22 – Toad / Frog / Salamander
23 – Cat (domestic) / Bobcat / Lynx
24 – Deer / Moose / Reindeer
25 – Sloth (Standard/Giant)
26 – Badger (Standard/Giant)
27 – Armadillo (Standard/Giant)
28 – Hare / Rabbit
29 – Skunk / Porcupine
30 – Possum / Raccoon

(Roll a d30. GM can choose from the alternate types of the result, if any. Using the d30 as an Odd-Even or Jumbo d3 is also possible.)

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Retro RPG blogging has made me look into the past… and to the future!

27 Mar

Doing this blog makes me think a lot about the past and present of the hobby… especially as it concerns my own personal experiences in the hobby and were I want to go with it in the future.

I got the urge to check out one of the hobby shops I used to frequent as a teen: The San Antonio Hobby Shop.
Sadly, I found out that this store is no longer , as it closed in ’05   😦   It used to be in the San Antonio Shopping Center in Mountain View, CA, but hard times fell upon the outdoor mall complex in the 90’s and most of it was demolished to give way to a WalMart (ARGH!!!)

I found a picture that was provided by the Mountain View Preservation Association of the old fountain at the mall in 1982 (a year after I moved back to Minnesota):

Those were fun days and my pals and I would bike the 9 miles from Cupertino to this shopping center to get the hardest to find RPG goodies. I think the story was a retired Air Force guy owned the shop then. The first floor had trains and remote control airplanes and all of the classic hobby stuff, but the upstairs was where all of the miniatures for wargaming and the RPG books were, in a darkened area that reminded me of some arcane alchemist’s lab.

I purchased my first RPG treasures there, such as OD&D, Tunnels & Trolls, Judges Guild’s City State of the Invincible Overlord and Dave Hargrave’s original Arduin Grimoire trilogy. Good times and great gaming!

5th Ed T&T '79

When I moved back to the Twin Cities, I found lots of great hobby shops, because this is another area that has always had a strong gaming community. Some of those like Little Tin Soldier and Phoenix Games no longer exist either, but there are other FLGS (Friendly Local Game Stores) that are very good around the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. I may do some reviews of them sometime.

In some ways, the Retro Gaming Renaissance is reclaiming the past, but just as time marches on, so does gaming.  Although it is fun to reminisce,  I am not worried about reliving “glory days” as much as I am in spreading the continuing enjoyment of “The Game” in the present. This blog is for those who played D&D and other fantasy roleplaying games in the past, those who play in the present and for those who have never played before. I am thankful that the OSR exists, because it is as much a part of the future of the hobby as much as any other aspect of it. Indeed, I think there is much to be gleaned from the history of gaming that can be built upon and incorporated into current trends. Memory of the past and an eye to the future can only make RPGs better in the long run. Whatever your flavor of game, new or old, the hobby is one that has meaning and enjoyment. There is something for everyone.

…. so let’s roll some dice and make new memories 🙂

“DM Retro”

P.S. I will be posting about the future of this blog and writing a bit about my own upcoming campaign ideas soon.

Poster #8

26 Mar

Roswell UFO crash